Dizzy Angel, (1985),  my first novel, won several Awards in Nigeria.

It is about an Ogbanje or Abikun child who, according to Nigerian Tradition, was born to die and then reincarnate and then die again. Hers would be a cycle of coming and going, until something happens to stop her in her tracks.  But what could that be? 

Dizzy Angel also tackles the discrimination against the female population, as well as other superstitions that were rife in the Nigerian society at that time. 

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The Broken Bond(2001) taceckles the consistent and endemic corruption in the Nigerian Society where many men treat women as “second-rate” citizens but continually want to “have them” sexually, as if women were mainly created for the sexual pleasure of men.Young women who dare to say “No” to old morally decrepit men in high offices, get denied employments, or any other privilege or rights that are due to these girls.

Corruption in high places..

Belinda, the heroine of this novel does her best to fight for her rights even after been forced to marry a man who was older than her own father..

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Ada in London (2005), features Ada, a Nigerian female teacher, who was cajoled by her husband, to abandon her enviable position as an outstanding headteacher in Nigeria, to go and pick up a teaching job in London, UK.

Things take a while to happen as planned and Ada undergoes quite some suffering, which her husband made even worse by his total lack of empathy and consideration.. 

Ada struggles to keep her faith and she eventually finds the right teaching appointment for her, but only to face racism and other “abuse” in and out of school.

This novel will make you laugh, but it will also make you cry..

Excellent reviews by readers.

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