Personal Development, Relationship and Success Strategies Courses are designed to help you grow as well as enable you to improve your performances in various aspects of your life.

In addition to Personal Development and Relationship Courses, we also have Courses on Success Strategies in business, personal ambition and general life. These courses share tried and tested methods or strategies that have been used in the past and are still being used by many people in various fields.

Relationship Courses

How to Find and Recognize Your True Love.

A Comprehensive Video Course on How To Find Your Love and actually recognize him or her. 
You learn various strategies for eliminating the people you don’t want so you are able to choose the right person for you!  Click here for more details.

Legendary Love – How to Keep the fire of Love Burning for Life.

This Video Course is very useful for those who have already found love and are in a committed love relationship or married. You will learn excellent success strategies to help you keep your love life exciting and your relationship really happy and long-lasting. Click here for more details.

Personal Development Courses.

How To Unlock the Power of Your Beautiful Authentic Self – Video Course.

This is a Course totally devoted to self-confidence improvement. This course will help you regain your self confidence if you have been affected adversely by:
–  Failures in any aspect of your life. 
– Bullying – either at home, at school, in your place of work or anywhere else.
– Poor self-concept resulting in lack of self-confidence
– Procrastination: inability to take appropriate action on time
– Lack of appropriate knowledge about how to set and achieve your goals in order for success to happen for you 
– And so much more.
This Video Course has 6 Modules and 49 Lessons. Many Additional Resources are also included.
To access this course, click here.

The Law of Attraction and How to Make Your Dream Come True -Video Course.

You must have heard of the Law of Attraction?
Well, some people swear by it while others believe it is just “fantasy” and it does not work.
Whatever you believe, it is worth taking a look at this Video Course which explains the following:
– What the “Law of Attraction” actually means.
– How to Use the Law of Attraction in Your Life
-How to attract only what you really want instead of what you don’t want
– Ways of creating Positivity into your life. And so much more.
Comes with the eBook: “Make Your Your dream Come True”.
To access this Course, Click here.

Positive Affirmations Secrets – Video Course.

In this course, you will understand the meaning of Positive Affirmations, Why they work and How they work.
The Positive Affirmation Secrets – Video Course is designed to teach you how to do the following:
– Create Positive affirmations correctly.
– How to say your Positive affirmations so that they are effective.
– How to Visualize your Positive life.
-How to Create Board images to make the visualization much easier.
And so much more.
To access this Course, Click here.

The Growth Mindset – Video Course.

The Growth Mindset is an excellent Course designed to help you restructure your thinking from negative or limiting mindset to a very progressive and positive mindset. 
In this course you will learn the following:
-The difference between the closed mindset and the growth mindset
-How to to avoid having a closed mindset
-How to develop  a growth mindset
-Limiting beliefs that keep you from making progress
-Practical exercises to help you improve your mindset

–  An ebook to for you to take away – completely free.

And so much more.
To access this course, click here.

Success Strategies Course.

Gain Inspiration From Winners to Build a Life You’ll Love – Video Course.

Gain Inspiration From Winners to Build a Life You’ll love is a Success Strategies’ Course. This course shows you quotes from the world’s greatest Winners like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Pablo Picasso and so many more. Infact, 15 of these greats are featured on this course.
The course is designed to teach you wisdom, the sort of wisdom that helped these guys go through life very successfully.
This course has so many success strategies that will greatly inspire you to do the following:
– Have Faith in Yourself and your abilities.
– Refuse to let negative people – or naysayers – in your life stop you from making progress.
-Persevere even in the face of opposition.
– Keep trying even when you have failed once or twice.
-Take responsibility for your life instead of waiting on others to help you.
-Find the right mentors to help you achieve your goals.
And so much more.

Transformation Life Coaching Service with Dr Grace Anderson – Master Life Coach and Transformation Coach.

If you need help figuring out how to solve a problem you currently have, reach out to Dr Grace Anderson here.
She covers:
– Mindset Coaching
– Goal Setting Coaching
– Relationship Coaching
– Business Coaching 
– Business Growth Mentoring.


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