Module 3. Lesson 21. Summary and Reflection.

                               Module 3. Handling Disagreements.

                                     Summary and Reflection.

It’s tough for anyone to consider the challenges which could happen in their relationship. You, however, completed this module. That shows courage on your part.Congratulations!!

In the process of your studies, you’ve learned different ways people handle anger and the feelings which are often causing the anger. Sometimes, to avoid their fears, partners play emotional games with each other.   

Games can play a part in relationships. You want your games to strengthen your relationship through communication rituals and actions, which show your love in a way which brings a light to your partner’s eyes.

Moving forward, now that you’ve discussed common disagreements and how to handle them, you’ll learn in Module 4, about the need for personal space. This isn’t something often discussed until it brims over in a disagreement.

Before moving on to Module 4, though, remember that the best way to ensure that new information has taken root within you is to reflect on what you’ve learned and put it into action.

Please take time to answer the following self-reflection questions.

Self-Reflection Questions.

  1. What do you see as possible challenges in your relationship? What is your plan to address these challenges?
  2. Everyone gets angry, even if they don’t show it. Reflect on how you handle anger and what you could do to handle it more effectively.
  3. With anger, there is usually another emotion beneath it. What emotions are usually hidden under your anger? What can you do to release those emotions?
  4. Identify any unhealthy games you and your partner are playing with each other. How are you going to quit playing that game?
  5. What relationship games can you play with your partner that you will both enjoy?
  6. If you have a fear of rejection or abandonment, discuss how you can manage that fear. If you don’t have one of those fears, choose a fear you have and talk about how you can manage it.
  7. In the previous module you learned about Reflective Listening. Pick one of the questions above and discuss how you can use the Reflective Listening process.


LL-Module 3-Lesson 21- Summary and Reflection.

Poster – Additional Resources.


Please make sure your revise all the lessons in this Module before you work through the Quiz.
Great job!!
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