Hello and welcome back!

By now, I hope things are becoming clearer for you and your mind is beginning to calm down.

It takes time. Celebrate every little win!

In this lesson we will look at the Importance of Self-Care. This is crucial for your healing process.

Self-care means exactly what it says – looking after yourself or taking good care of yourself.

After a traumatic event such as a divorce or a breakup, you need to look after both your emotional and physical well-being.

Self-care is hugely important because unless you are healthy and emotionally sound, many things will go wrong in your life.

Are You Still Weepy.

You know it’s okay to cry. Yes, you can cry, hopefully, in private, when you feel like you are getting overwhelmed by your negative emotions.

Here are some ways to reduce your weepiness.

Take Control of your Space at home.

Remove all reminders of your Ex. Things like photographs, clothes, books, etc.

Replace them with images that bring you comfort, positive quotes, photos of you and your children, etc

Stop referring to your Ex by their actual name. Reduce him/her to just “My Ex” or Just by the first letter of their name.

Reduce the Image Of Your Ex in Your Life to a Minimum.

Stop retelling your miserable story to every Dick and Harry.  People don’t really care… They have their own issues to deal with. Besides, the more you talk about your Ex and your breakup or divorce, the more miserable you’ll be.

Create a new email address for Your Ex and the Court issues, so that the annoying emails from your Ex’s lawyer or from your Ex, do not interfere with your normal emails. Then choose to check this only when you think you can handle any negativity effectively.

Here are some ways to start caring for yourself.

Practise Self-love by forgiving yourself. Show a lot of love to yourself by being kind and caring to yourself. Accept what has happened and do not beat yourself up for it.

When I was 23 years old, I lost my 4-month-old baby girl after a 3-day illness. I found it extremely hard to process my loss. She was my second child.

When I went back to my Course at the University after that loss, a Reverend Gentleman, one of our Professors, gave me a framed Quote which gradually helped me to let go of my immense pain.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept

the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.”

– Attributed to Reinhold Niebuhr, Lutheran theologian (1892–1971).

Practise repeating this humble request from God (or whoever you believe in).

It helped me heal, because I let go of the things I couldn’t change – eg, bring my daughter back from the dead.  I started practising how to move on with positivity.

I told myself: “God knows best. You are still young. When the time is right, you will have another child.” As God would have it, I went on to have five more children.

Complete the Lesson by Watching the Video to the End. There are many more strategies that will help you in there.

Assignments for Lesson 4.

1. Create a Self-Care Regime Timetable for yourself. Write down in your Journal what went well during the week.

2. What can you improve on?

3. Which of the Suggestions in this Lesson resonated most with you? Explain how that or those techniques are helping you with your recovery. 

4. Research “Mindfulness” and make notes on how you can use this to help you improve your Self-care and heal.


Additional Resourse.

I suggest you pick up this image beloew and recite the words daily. If you wish, you can also frame it and put it where you ae able to see it every day.



This is the last lesson in this Taster Module.

Congratulations on reaching the end of this Module One.

I am sure you have picked up some useful strategies that will help you recover from your pain, at laest to some extent.

The Full Course Has Many More Tools and Strategies that I will share with you.

Not Only that, it also offers you Free Weekly Group Coaching Sessions over a Period of Six Months. 

That will certainly ensure that you are fully recovered by that time, and hopefully, ready to launch the New You, so you can begin to truly enjoy being you, because you are now totally empowered – through this Course and my Coaching, to achieve anything you wish to achieve.

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TESTIMONIALS - What My Clients Say.

Here are just a few of my many Reviews from Some of my Clients about my Coaching.

Excellent Coaching Style and Tools!

I didn’t prepare myself for any positive outcome as I have probably related my story millions of times to those  that shouldn’t have known about my business. Well, I guess this comes from dealing with pain of domestic abuse and the loss I felt, losing all I have worked for to my Ex. When I was introduced to Dr Grace, I probably didn’t expect anything different from my previous experience.

 Dr Grace’s coaching style greatly exceeded my expectations. Her coaching tools and strategies  that she shared with me were excellent and easy to apply in my daily life.

 Being able to share my hopes and plans for the future created a powerful platform for me to have new strengths to pursue new hopes for a better life for me and my kids.

 I now feel so free, having been able to tackle the most important issues I have always been afraid of. It was such a powerful moment dealing with my spirituality alongside my divorce issue. I didn’t want the sessions to end.

Dr Grace is amazing, and I unreservedly give her five stars –  5*****



Fast and Incredible Results.

I had recently separated from my husband, which had come as a total shock, after 37 years, and I had no idea it was coming. I talked through my situation with Dr Grace on my Discovery Call, and how devastated I felt after what had been done to me. Dr Grace listened to me attentively and actively. I could see that she totally empathized with me, but not once did she interrupt me as I poured out my sorrow.

She encouraged to think positively and not see the last 37 years as a waste of time. She said I should focus on the good things that had happened during that time, and the things I had done, places I had been and things that I had, and wouldn’t have happened, if I hadn’t spent the last 37 years with him. I never thought of it that way, so this one strategy of “Counting my Blessings instead of my Losses”, shifted my negative focus massively!

Dr Grace helped me heal quite quickly by highlighting that everything wasn’t my fault, and that I’m not a bad person. She taught me how to turn everything on its head and put a positive slant on everything.

I had Sleep issues, feelings of failure and lost my self-confidence. My Colleagues at work noticed that, and I felt ashamed. In short, I was a mess! But after just my Introductory First Session with Dr Grace, she so calmed me down by her soothing and reassuring words, that for the first time in about 4 months, since that heart-breaking event, I was able to sleep like a baby for more than six hours non-stop that night!

That was incredible!

More than anything else, Dr Grace’s coaching gave me the validation that I wasn’t the only person going through this sort of situation, (although I still think that a sudden decision by my Ex to end a marriage after such a long time with me (37 years) has to be pretty rare)!

I highly recommend Dr Grace’s coaching to anyone who has had a breakup or divorce. I have no words to describe how very effective her coaching is! I give her many stars! Five stars don’t seem to be enough.


Blackpool, UK.

Verity from New Zealand had issues of lost Self-Confidence after her partner broke up with her. But after just one Coaching Session with me, this was her review!

 Once she regained her Self-confidence and self-worth with my Coaching over about four Months, her Ex came back and asked her to marry him!

We couldn’t believe it! They are now happily married.

 You can’t imagine how grateful she is for having my Support as her Coach.


I hope to see you inside!